Performing Love: A Short Skype Film
by Emmanuelle Dauplay

The idea is simple:
Conjure up the feeling. Relive the emotion.
Passion, elation, surrender,
Serenity, liberation.

Fragments of emotions captured and assembled.
And the music does its thing: a gift of power and energy
To moving images
About the most beautiful thing.

So play it. Watch it. Have it around.
Hang it like a painting,
Or make it an event.

Suitable for social gatherings, apéritifs, and late night drinks
Art galleries, cinemas, bathrooms, waiting areas
Solitary evenings, leisurely afternoons, and busy mornings
Or anywhere, at anytime.

As a meditation tool, a decorative object, a sleeping pill,
Or the next best thing.

Enjoy it, share it, send it out; talk about it.
Let's reach as many as possible.

Thank you.



Except where stated, all material copyright © Emmanuelle Dauplay.